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Developer: dmc-ortim GmbH

The "ORTIM c6" app allows you to create simple, professional time studies according to REFA on smart phones with the iOS operating system (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad). It provides an additional variant to the established time study devices from the company dmc-ortim. The version 2.0 or later requires a device with a 64-bit architecture.

Using proven measuring methodology, times are recorded and, by means of direct access keys, performance ratings are assigned to the measured values, reference quantities defined and outliers and interruptions highlighted. What is more, the work cycle elements concerned can be described, re-added or removed. There is no limit to the number of studies.

ORTIM c6 is equipped for all cyclic, non-cyclic, combined and allowance time studies. Statistical evaluations per work cycle element and/or the entire study can be displayed directly on the device on site and reduce your observation time. In addition, by copying study frameworks, you save yourself valuable preparation and evaluation time and thus obtain results more quickly. Thanks to the versatile setting options, it is possible to adapt ORTIM c6 to accommodate company agreements.

The data created in ORTIM c6 can be sent via e-mail to other users, collected from other users and naturally also saved on a PC for further processing. This gives you numerous options in as to how you use your measured data.

- Mobile work measurements for industrial engineering and time management according REFA
- Cyclic, non-cyclic, combined and allowance studies
- Creation of new time studies
- Display of the measured values as element time and/or cumulative time
- Modify, create and remove work cycle elements during the measurement
- Possible to define reference quantities and performance ratings for each measured value
- Performance ratings freely configurable
- ti-transfer function possible (move a measured value to a different work cycle element)
- Statistical evaluations of cyclic work cycle elements
- Cyclic overall evaluation
- Language selection (German, English)
- Demo studies for testing included